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  • Date Occurred: 05/07/2014
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The complaint is against an online dating profile

The complaint is a listing fraud posted on public forums or sites against an anonymous entity

The complaint is mobile text spam or smishing related against an anonymous entity

The company or person contact no longer exists

International boundaries

He contacted me on skype : Skype ID: brigadier h_r_mcmaster
I accepted and our conversation started

He added me on his facebookpage (By now there are 5 !! profiles on facebook) By the name Herbert Raymond McMaster. All photo's are taken from the internet!!

I got contacted on skype a few weeks ago by supposedly : Brigadier General Herbert Raymond McMaster (himself) hahahaha.. .telling me he would want to come over, the “woman he wanted to spend his life with, after he found me to be so “pure” ….. sweettalking and buttering up to me….
Lots and lots of alarmbells… NO videochat possible as he was on a mission in Afghanistan now, “making time in his busy schedule” just to talk to me….

First question I asked myself : How in Godsname, did he find me ( “plain jane” ) on skype (I guess just random namesearch) and see if I would buy it…

Then a @ mailaddress so we could contact offline..

Now supposedly he’s had to ask for a leave, had to wait 2 days for approval, wanting so much to meet me in person and hold me, love me…

All the time, during those 3 weeks, I have been asking questions, to find out if this was for real. Some were answered, some were denied… (more bells ringing, always an appology of an emergency so he had to leave all of a sudden) stating that he didn’t have time as he was working 18 hours, 2 rest and 4 hours sleep…

I was just waiting for the please I have to ask a question” …. and Yes it arrived:

He mailed me last night that his leave was approved and I had to help him get his personal belongings Clothes, books and very important documents)

This is his way of starting the conversation:

Okay my love… I was wondering if you could help me receive my parcel from a security company that is affiliated to the United Nations where i kept if for safe keeping before my mission here in Kabul,The parcel contain my private cloths,books and important documents..It’s going to be delivered to you through United Nations Diplomatic Delivery Service and i want you to keep it safe for me before my arrival…

But before the parcel can be delivered to you there is a delivery fee that needs to be paid,As you know I’m on mission here,because of that I don’t have access to cash from here. I want you to please help me pay the delivery fee. I will pay back as soon as I come over okay honey..?

I had to contact :

And you will be contacted back on how you can make the payment and how the delivery will get to you okay honey..

and it was getting better by the minute!!:
My love, my parcel has to be in Holland first before my arrival date for so much depends on it okay honey..

So I told him I didn’t have that kind of money and wouldn’t send it over anyway, to somebody I had never met. Stating that such a highranked Army officer must have more than enough ways to come over (and have his personal belongings send to him AFTER he would be over here), without asking ME for money….

Then He tried to make me feel guilty, for I promissed I would do everything to make his stay over here more enjoyable and now I didn’t want to help him…

So then “he got a headacke”… and thought I better go to bed

I replied him with the 419-scam webaddress, stating that if he as who he said he was, he would come over regardless…. haven’t heard from him since…

just now, after reading all the comments, I asked for his .mil address.. he’s still online, but still no reply!

The story might continue… or not… I will see if they try and play me again tomorrow.

I Feel sad for the woman that “bought” all the lies, and I DO understand why they would so easily fall for this scam, since they have a way to “get” to you on a psychological level, buttering you up, till you can’t take no more… make you feel loved and wanted. Telling you all the things you WANT to hear! Making you the center of their Universe! (If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is….. never ignore your gutfeeling in this!!) They just didn’t get away with it with me, because I studied the human brain too long for that…

I hope this is a warning to all the woman out there… wanting so much to find true love with an Army soldier!!

After asking for his .mil. address, he replied, that I didn't trust him, so he wouldn't give this mailaddress to me, for he could not trust me anymore. Trying to make me feel guilty again, for doubting him, and still keeping up his scam, by getting all official: " You don't know who you're talking to!"! !!!!!!!! and he had to stop contact with me, because I was a danger to his military career!!

Don't fall for this scammer, check and see how the scammers operate!!!!!

Better safe than sorry!!

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  • d
  • d SBID #c3d8cfe76a
  • Posted 07/07/2014
  • well guess what he's at it again. now he's using a new address he started "dating me " on the 9th of july. he hasn't asked for any money yet but i kinda figured that was going to be coming. thanks for the warning, now i'm going to have some fun playing this jerk big time.,
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  • dlovell
  • dlovell SBID #c169917856
  • Posted 07/17/2014
  • And me. He contacted me today, and like Anonymous I wondered where he got my info from on Skype as I am very careful on there. Well, he started a chat and I was quizzing him, and he got suspicious so I pasted the report from here onto the IM and funnily enough he disappeared! What a surprise!
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  • d
  • d SBID #c3d8cfe76a
  • Posted 07/17/2014
  • hey dlovell should i tell him he's been cheating on me since i found out what a lying doormat he really is. so he found his next victim even though he is still trying to stay in touch with me. i just wrote to him and told him i am on a mission of my own. can't talk about it as it takes up all my time and energy, but i will contact him as soon as i can. i am so sorry i just can't deal with anymore than what i already have on my plate. what a jerk.
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  • E
  • E SBID #2b12edae82
  • Posted 08/29/2014
  • hello it seems these army scams are rather prevalent at the moment first I was contacted my a major andy johnson skype ajayjay49, then by a few others whom I blocked then by a general and now by this time i was getting a little ticked .. this one i googled and he was affiliated to the UN and now will copy paste this bit . herbert.124 (Herbert)
    Hello friend, how are you doing over there?I AM Major Generaal Herbert Raymond McMaster. From USA, am prresently in Afghanistan on a peace keeping mission.
    yes and the alarm bells sounded once more on the spelling and the seeming unending list of US soldiers wanting company and a chat. This one even provided an e mail some of the others did too but blocked prior ones before looking up scam to find this.
    Now my question is since this seems to be placing a rather dark cloud over the reputation of US army even if it is a scam and what in my view amounts to fraud is there a way to report these people ... so that the authorities can track ip addresses and follow up ?
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  • Joanne
  • Joanne SBID #b35bf71bad
  • Posted 11/18/2014
  • I would love to advise the real Major General Herbert Raymond McMaster of this the scammer contacted me tonight. User name is: brigadiergherbertr.mcmaster. Oh and FYI there is another one: General David John - username is david.john446 I highly doubt that either General is looking to contact little ol me.... LOL!
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